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Frequently Asked Questions

7th & 8th Grade League


How much are the fees?


What do my fees cover?

EVERYTHING! Your fees cover: Facility fees, coaching fees, administrative fees, shirt costs, equipment updates, etc.

Not covered: Optional spirit wear.

When are fees due?

Fees are due immediately. There are only so many spots open for league. Spots are given on a first-paid/first-serve basis. 

How can I pay?

We accept Checks (with your daughter's name in the memo line), Venmo (9280 - if you need the verification phone #) (CAVC is not responsible for Venmo fees!!).


Who are these people teaching my kids?

Lead Coaches will be Cherena Douglass. Other Coaches in the gym will be Brooksana McKinney, Elise Stewart, Jenni Ruggless, Sammy Sarff, Jennifer Huff, Kennedy Netters and Brittany Stewart.

Are the Coaches trained and certified?

All paid coaches have completed background checks, and are SafeSport and Impact Certified to coach your kids. Coaches are constantly researching and self-educating to attain and grow their knowledge.

General Information

What are the dates?

Summer 2023 - July 5 through August 6 

Where are the sessions held?

Springfield Racquet and Fitness Center: 

3725 Chatham Road

Springfield, IL 62704.


What do the sessions look like?

Skill instruction will be given while they play in gmaes!


Can my family and I watch?

ABSOLUTELY! - Please note that we have a smaller space for spectators. Please be sure to keep conversations at a low volume so that the kids can hear the full instruction. Please also be sure to keep siblings off and away from all equipment at all times. 


How are teams created?

We build teams based on school and personal perference expressed on your forms. If your athlete wants to play with her friends, please mention names on your registration form. 

What is your Mission Statement?

CAVC is prideful on teaching game knowledge and promoting FUN! We promote making mistakes to learn, and celebrate the success. We try everything we can to avoid making kids run as punishment. Positive reinforcement and minimal conditioning is used while our main focus is volleyball. Fitness is important, but it won't be used as a daunting punishment. 

You didn't answer my question.

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