Frequently Asked Questions

11-18U Competitive Travel Club Volleyball


How much are the fees?

2021-22 Fees are:

15-18U (High School aged) - $850

11U-14U (Junior High School aged) - $500

What other fees will pop up later?

For High School, there is an option to attend a qualifier. Qualifier cost is an additional $300.

For Junior High School, we may be able to offer the option of additional tournaments - the cost of those tournaments will be divided up amongst those kids who attend each tournament.

Please note the underlined word. We will never insist on another payment, past the set original fee.

There is also an optional Spirit Store.

What do my fees cover?

EVERYTHING! Your fees cover: Facility fees, coaching fees, administrative fees, tournament fees, uniform costs, etc.

Not covered: Travel expenses, optional spirit wear, optional qualifier (High School aged only), optional additional tournaments.

Will there be fundraising?

Yes, as much as we can! More on this below!

Are there payment plans?

Yes! We will offer a payment plan. If that payment plan doesn't work for you, please reach out for something a little more tailored to you!

When are fees due?

Fees should be paid in full before the start of your final tournament. 

How can I pay?

We accept Cash (enveloped with your daughter's name on it), Checks (with your daughter's name in the memo line), PayPal ( NOT PREFERRED - as friends and family to avoid fees - CAVC is not responsible for PayPal fees!!), Venmo (9280 - if you need the verification #) (CAVC is not responsible for Venmo fees!!).

Will I receive a receipt?

You will receive an emailed notice that payments are received. If you need a hard copy receipt, please let Amber know, and she can provide that for you.

**Note - We will NEVER tell your child that she can not play because of your financial situation. If you keep open and honest communication going with us at all times, we will make it work. If you ignore us, and don't keep communication open, we will not allow your child to continue.


Who are these people teaching my kids?

Coaches this season are, Kallie Sinkus, Brooksana McKinney, Brittany Stewart, Kennedy Netters, Cherena Douglass, Katy Hickey, Samantha Sabo, Macey Hynes, Elise Stewart and Amber Stephens. You can read about them all and see some pictures to help you get to know them better under the 'Meet Us' section in bar along the top of the page. Or if you are on your mobile device, it is under the triple-lined icon in the upper right hand corner.

Are the Coaches trained and certified?

All coaches have completed background checks, and are SafeSport and Impact Certified to coach your kids. Coaches are constantly researching and self-educating to attain and grow their knowledge.


Is there fundraising available?

Yes! We fundraise as MUCH as we can to help alleviate costs.

How much of the fundraising is applied to my account?

It depends on the fundraiser, but in the past the fundraisers have given anywhere from 30-100% of your sales.


Do I HAVE to participate in fundraising?

Absolutely not. All fundraising is optional. You can opt out at ANY time.  

I paid our fees in full, what would I fundraise for?

If you pay in full, and then fundraise, you'll receive refunds up through the total amount of your paid fees. If you fundraise more than your dues that extra money will stay on your account to be applied to extra tournaments (if applicable) before it is donated to struggling families within the club. If no families need that assistance, the money will stay with the club and be put towards purchasing needed equipment.


What team is my daughter on?

Coaches at Capital Area all agree that it is really, very hard to create teams made up of 8-10 or so kids with only 1-2 hours of time seeing them. We will practice a few times, and start building teams.

How are teams built?

We build teams based on age, position, and skill. Secondary considerations are: same family athletes, carpools, and friends held in a position that keeps the emotional stability of a teammate on a positive level.


How many Tournaments?

High School: 7-8 play-dates

Junior High School: 5-6 play-dates.

*Play-dates: meaning a 2-day tournament is the same as 2 play-dates.


When will tournaments be?

High School: Tournaments will begin in January, and will be done by at the latest, early April. (Qualifiers may be scheduled in May.)

Junior High School:  Tournaments typically begin in March and end in May. Normally, we do not attend tournaments during the junior high season, but if we have a group of softball/soccer players who want to attend tournaments during December - March, we will work to try to make that happen. 

How far do you travel?

We typically prefer to stay within a 2-3 hour drive of Springfield. If a High School team, as a whole, would like to attend a tournament farther away, we will work to accommodate. Please let your coach know if this is something you are interested in. The optional qualifier will be several hours away and will require hotels.

When will you have tournament specifics?


We usually receive that information within the week of the tournament. We receive it as early as the Monday and as late as the Friday before. We try to get that info out by at least the Wednesday before if we can. We don't like to send it before then due to possible schedule and/or location changes. Tournament specifics include Play/Ref times, rules on outside food and drinks, whether you should bring a chair, the facility's address, parking, etc.

We promise to send the information as soon as we can.



How many times a week?

High School - We practice 2x a week. Sundays, and an undetermined evening. The coaches will be picking an evening that works best for them, and that keeps the age groups together. No more than two teams will practice at one time, to ensure more touches, and a smaller amount of people to stay within COVID guidelines. 

Junior High School - We practice 1 time a week until March (there will be a supplemental tryout) In March it will follow the High School guidelines above.

My daughter has (enter conflict here) and will miss practice, how will that affect her?

We want your commitment. We need your girl in the gym so that we can deliver on our promises of doing what we can to help your daughter improve and grow.

We are also strong advocates for HEALTHY, well-educated, family oriented, multi-sport athletes. We recognize that not all of these kids have control over their schedule and their ability to get there. If you have a conflict, it is okay. We will never punish your daughter for studying for an important test, attending her school sport practice or competition, or attending Grandma's 101st birthday celebration. We do politely ask, though, to please schedule your pre-prom spray-tans or nail appointments around our practice schedule. Open and honest communication is always the best policy.

Are parents allowed to watch practices?

Typically, yes! As long as parents are not interfering with instruction, 'coaching' from the sidelines, or distracting the athletes, we always allow parents to attend. Unfortunately, this season were are closing practices to parents to be able to comply with the COVID guidelines.

General Information

I really feel like a discussion is needed with a coach.

Okay, lets wait 24 hours, and then send an email to the coach and to Amber and Brittany. By sending it in an email, it allows for everyone to thoroughly think through their comments and responses. If the issue is still not resolved, we can schedule a face to face meeting.

What happens if a player is bullying or holding a negative attitude?

CAVC does not tolerate bullying. Bullying will result in the offending athlete sitting out of activities. If they continue to act out, they may be removed from the team, or even the club.

Sometimes negativity looks different than what it feels like to the person showing it. Sometimes they need a break, sometimes they need someone to pick them up. We will look at each situation and act accordingly as best we can. If a coach decides that someone needs a break, they will ask them to sit out. If that kid needs extra support, the coach will work to give that to them, as well as encourage their teammates to do the same.

I know. It's the question every coach hates... but playing time?

Yep - we hate it. It is the hardest conversation because of the amount of bias on every side. At CAVC we have every intention of keeping playing time equal and fair. Why? Because your kid will learn by experience! With that said IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. The amount of playing time will never be 100% fair. 'Starters' don't necessarily matter. Playing time is based off of many things including, but not limited to, positions, attitude, commitment, effort and chemistry. We will never sit an athlete due to skill. PLEASE do not count points, rotations, minutes, or percentage of playing time. Volleyball is not a game where there is enough control for coaches to be able to be 100% fair 100% of the time.

Okay, I heard you, but my daughter is upset about her playing time!

Okay, that is understandable. Encourage your daughter to speak for, and stand up for, herself. Ask her to approach her coach and ask her questions. Perhaps they don't understand their positional role on the team. Perhaps it was an unintentional error made by the coach. Perhaps they are giving off a negative vibe that the coach needs squashed to improve the team dynamic, and they haven't had an opportunity to talk to her yet. Please don't do it for her. Empower her. If she is too nervous to do that, please shoot a quick note to the coach letting them know, and the coach will initiate the conversation. We want them to feel safe and comfortable enough with our coaches that they will be honest with them.

What is your Mission Statement?

CAVC is prideful on teaching game knowledge and promoting FUN! We promote making mistakes to learn, and celebrate the success. We try everything we can to avoid making kids run as punishment. Positive reinforcement and minimal conditioning is used while our main focus is volleyball. Fitness is important, but it won't be used as a daunting punishment. 

You didn't answer my question.

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