Brittany Stewart

Competitive Travel
Director, Administrator and Coach

Brittany Stewart, a High School all conference MVP, received a scholarship to play Middle hitter for LLCC. There she became 2nd team all-conference and began her coaching career with LLCC’s high school league, and CAVC. While teaching at the pre-school level, she coached CAVC from 2010-2016, then took time to begin raising her family. She returned to CAVC in 2019, and has vowed to stay put! Stewart spent the 2021 college season as an assistant coach for the LLCC volleyball program, and is in the process of pursuing a master’s degree in Human Development Counseling. Brittany is married to her husband, Cody. Together they have two beautiful boys, Athan and Anden. Brittany has been with CAVC for 8 years.